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I am very pleased to have been elected as your new commodore, and my goal is to make the Portland Yacht Club a fun sailing and social focus within Portland Marina.  Over the next few weeks, along with the committee, we will be organising the initial social events and planning some boating forays that we can implement when the weather allows.

I have been a berth holder at Portland since the marina opened, having arrived after ten year tenure at Haslar. In that time I have met some lovely people, and I hope that by getting them together within the PYC, we can build a club that really adds something to everyone’s enjoyment of this beautiful water based pastime.

Many of you may have seen me around the marina, but please do make yourselves known if not; call at the boat “Sea Squared” on K7 if you would like to know more about the plans for the PYC. I would encourage you all to join, and help shape the way in which the club develops; so that everyone’s’ boating interests are included.  Already some exciting and unique combined sailing/power trips have been proposed.

So with the re- launch of the Portland Yacht Club, let’s make 2017 one that we remember for all the right reasons.

I look forward to seeing many of you around the pontoons and at some of the events this coming year.

Kind regards and good sailing.



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